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How do i get started? 2017-07-25T19:35:26+10:00

Register your interest here.
We will contact you when a brand’s campaign matches your driving profile.
Simply have your vehicle wrapped with a brand’s advertising campaign.
Have your vehicle fitted with the Tom Tom GPS device then start making money.
Afori will make all these arrangements for you.


Is there a minimum or maximum amount of kms that I need to drive? 2017-07-26T18:52:21+10:00

There is no minimum kms you need to drive but the more you drive the more money you will earn. There is a maximum threshold that is applied to the kms driven in a month, meaning you will not earn more than what the advertiser has allowed for the campaign.

How do I know how many kms I have driven? 2017-07-25T19:18:34+10:00

You just need to download the Tom Tom app from Google Play or Apple Apps Store and log in with your own personal password. This will show you how many kms you have driven.

Do I need to leave my car at the GPS installation business? 2017-07-25T19:15:10+10:00

No.  The fitter will come to your home or work and will install the device in approximately 30 minutes.

How does the GPS tracker work? 2017-07-25T19:16:10+10:00

A GPS tracker will be hardwired to your vehicle by a professional fitter.  Your kms will be calculated whenever you drive your vehicle and you be get paid per km driven.

How much money can I earn per month as a driver? 2017-09-26T10:47:51+10:00

You can earn approximately between $200 – $480 per month, depending on the kms you drive and the type of wrap you have on your car.

Will my car get damaged? 2017-07-25T19:04:50+10:00

No. We use 3M and Avery Dennison vinyl which are the highest grade material on the market. Having the wrap actually protects your car’s paint work.

Where will the wrap installation be done? 2017-07-25T19:02:01+10:00

Afori works with a variety of installers throughout Sydney and we work with you to find the nearest installation business to you.

How long will the wrap take to install? 2017-07-25T19:01:09+10:00

Depending on which of the 3 wrap choices you decide on, it takes approximately between 2 – 8 hours for installation.

Who will install the wrap? 2017-07-22T00:06:26+10:00

Afori works with only the best vehicle wrapping companies in Australia.

Does my vehicle need to be kept clean? 2017-07-21T23:58:24+10:00

Afori will provide you with a monthly carwash voucher at a carwash FREE of charge.

How long will the advertising be on my vehicle for? 2017-07-21T23:55:10+10:00

Panel – 6 months
Partial wrap – 9 month to 12 months
Full wrap – 12 months

Do I have to cover my whole vehicle? 2017-07-21T23:54:04+10:00

No , we have 3 options available
Partial wrap
Full wrap

Click here to see the different types of wraps.

Which Vehicles qualify? 2017-07-21T23:47:56+10:00

Vehicle must be no older than 8 years old.
Must be in good condition.
Must be one of the following vehicles – sedan , hatchback , suv , van , ute or 4wd.

Where do I need to drive? 2017-07-21T23:45:19+10:00

Anywhere in the Sydney metro area. We will open our program to other cities in the near future. Please register so that we can notify you when it’s available in your city.

Do I get to choose what type of advertising will be on my vehicle? 2017-07-21T23:36:16+10:00

This depends on supply and demand.  Afori will have multiple businesses that you will be able to partner with. Whilst we will try to offer you as many options as possible we can`t guarantee you a specific business advertisement.  for your car

How does it work? 2017-07-21T23:26:25+10:00

Your vehicle will be wrapped with a business advertising by a specialist vehicle wrap company. A TomTom GPS tracking device will be fitted to your vehicle to calculate the kms you drive.  You will get paid per km that you drive and get paid monthly for this.

Which drivers qualify? 2017-07-21T23:10:11+10:00

To qualify you must
Hold a Full current drivers licence
Have a clean drivers record
Have full comprehensive insurance

What is Afori? 2017-07-21T23:19:26+10:00

Afori partner businesses with private vehicle drivers in an innovative advertising platform that turns private vehicles into mobile billboards and drivers get paid monthly for doing so.